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Board Members:

Kathi  Holmes (Chair), Ron Nelson & Carrie Goble (Co-Chairs), Richard Mohley (Treasurer), Jill Erickson (Secretary), Alice Blatt (Historian), Ed Zarrins (Land Use), and Chris Moore (Web Master)


To enhance the livability of the area by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication between the neighborhood and other public constituencies by which all members of the neighborhood may involve themselves in the affairs within the Wilkes district.


Meetings are held at: Margaret Scott Elementary School Library 14700 NE Sacramento


Upcoming Event

All-Volunteer Wilkes Neighborhood Clean-up
Margaret Scott Elementary School
14700 NE Sacramento Saturday, November 1, 2014; 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Will close earlier if drop boxes are full.
For more information: 503-823-4550 40 cu. yard drop boxes for disposal of bulky waste, metals, and yard debris.

SORRY: NO concrete, hazardous waste, chemicals, paints, pesticides, commercial debris, or food waste!

BULKY WASTE: Furniture, Mattresses, Scrap lumber, Stumps less than 18" in diameter, Plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, tubs)

METAL:  Appliances WITHOUT Freon, Dishwashers and trash compactors Water heaters, Washers and Dryers, Stoves, BBQ grills, Drained lawn mowers (no oil/gas)

YARD DEBRIS: Small Loose debris Grass clippings, leaves, old plants, Small branches - PLEASE BAG GRASS/LEAVES FOR EASE OF TRANSFER -- PLASTIC BAGS MUST BE EMPTIED INTO DROP BOX

TIRES: $2 - off rim; $4 – on rim 
Please prepare your loads IN ADVANCE to expedite unloading. Volunteers identified by brightly colored vests will be available to assist in unloading. 


Neighborhood clean-up is free** to area residents thanks to Metro, and Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. **Donations gladly accepted for future neighborhood projects. Suggested donation: car load: $10; truck load $20



Next Meeting: 

Wilkes Community Group – Board Meeting
Tuesday, November 4th, 2014
6:30 PM-8:00 PM

Margaret Scott Elementary School Library
14700 NE Sacramento Street, Portland, OR 97230




See Proposed Bylaws Changes Below

Wilkes Community Group, Inc.  

2014 Proposed Revisions of Bylaws

Article I Definition

Section 1
Name:  The name of the organization shall be Wilkes Community Group, Inc., hereinafter known as WCG.

Section 2
Boundaries:  The boundaries of WCG shall be the Portland City Limits north at 148th, south on 148th to Sandy Blvd., west on Sandy to 147th, south on 147th/148th to the Banfield Freeway (I-84), west on the Banfield (I-84) to Parkrose/Reynolds School District boundary (approximately 142nd), south on this line to Halsey Street, east on NE Halsey to 148th, south on 148th to Glisan, east on Glisan to the Gresham/Portland boundary (approximately 162nd) north along the Gresham/Portland boundary to the Banfield (I-84), east on the Banfield (I-84) to approximately 165th, north on 165th to the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks, east to 185th, north to the Portland City Limits.

Section 3
Membership:  Membership in WCG shall be open to all people who live or own property or hold a business license within the boundaries of WCG.

Non-Discrimination:  WCG shall not discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, legal citizenship, national origin, income, or political affiliation in any of their policies, recommendations or actions.

Consent: TO BE TAKEN OUT:  Individuals, including all eligible persons, must provide written notice of their intent to become a member of WCG and attend at least two (2) WCG meetings within the twelve months prior to the annual meeting of the current year.  Only members may vote in WCG elections.

Replace with: If a person is eligible to be a member of WCG (see Section 3 Membership of this section) and indicates a desire to be a member by checking the member box on the sign-in sheet, then he/she can vote at that  meeting.   

Section 4
Dues:  No membership dues shall be assessed.

Article II Purpose

Section 1
The purposes for which WCG shall be organized are:

a.    To enhance the livability of the area by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison between the WCG and other neighborhoods, governmental units and other agencies,

b.    To provide an open process by which all members of the WCG may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood,
c.    To be organized exclusively for non-profit, educational, environmental livability and/or charitable purposes, and

d.    To do and perform all activities related to said purposes, to have and enjoy all powers granted and engage in lawful activities for which corporations may be organized under ORS Chapter 65.

Article III Structure

Section 1
Officers of the Association:  (Added person persons and one or two.)
The officers of the WCG shall be:  Chairperson, one or two Co-Chairpersons, Secretary, and Treasurer.  

Section 2
Qualified Directors:  Qualified directors must hold membership in WCG as defined in Article I, Section 3.  The members of the Board of Directors shall not receive compensation for personal services except for actual expenses incurred while performing director’s duties as established by the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors hereinafter referred to as the Board, shall consist of the officers of the association, plus eleven (11) members at-large.  There will be no more than fifteen (15) board members (numbered positions #1 through #15), but on occasion there may be fewer.

Indemnification:  WCG agrees to indemnify and hold harmless each Board Member from and against all costs, losses, liabilities, damages, claims, and expenses (including attorney fees as incurred at trial and on appeal) arising from actions or interactions taken or omitted in his/her capacity as a Board Member, including without limitation, actions taken or omitted by the Board Member consistent with these Bylaws and in furtherance of the business or affairs of the WCG.  The satisfaction of any indemnification of the Board Members under this Section will be from, and limited to WCG assets, and the WCG members shall not have any personal liability on account thereof.

Section 3
Establishing Committees:  Ad hoc committees may be established by the Chairperson or the majority of the Board for specific, short term projects or issues that affect the neighborhood.  Committee reports must be presented to the Wilkes Board on a regular basis.

Section 4
Outside WCG Representatives:  If by majority vote of the Wilkes Board a Wilkes member is to represent WCG on a committee not established by Wilkes, they must report to the Wilkes Board periodically.

Section 5
Political Support:  WCG shall take no position in support, opposition, or endorsement of any political candidate or political party.  Candidates for elected office shall not attend WCG meetings for campaign purposes. WCG may take positions on ballot measures and referendums.

Article IV Record Keeping

WCG Records Requirements:  To preserve the Boards’ personal liability and protect WCG tax-exempt status, minutes of all board, general, and special meetings, committee reports, and Board decisions, and financial reports/records will be maintained for the life of the organization.  The original, an electronic copy or physical copy of these materials when necessary, will be kept in a records book, which should also contain a copy of the WCG Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and tax-exemption determination letters from the IRS.  The current Secretary will keep the official records for the last two years in his/her possession.  Records from previous years will be stored at the East Portland Neighborhood Office in order to protect loss of records.

Article V Meetings

Section 1 WCG meetings consist of the following:

a. General Meetings:  There will be a minimum of four (4) general meetings of the membership each year.  Notification shall be given for all general meetings of the membership (7) days in advance of the meeting.  

b. Board Meetings and Special Meetings:  The Chairperson and Board of Directors may call a board or
    special meeting when it is not practical or timely to await consideration by the membership at
    the next scheduled membership meeting.  Board meetings are open to any person, and all who
    wish to speak may be heard.  Notifications shall be given for all meetings seven (7) days
    in advance (except emergency meetings, see Section 2).  The Board shall meet a minimum of
    four (4) times each year in addition to the General Membership meetings.

c.  Meeting Agendas:  The chairperson shall prepare the agendas for all board meetings, special
     meetings, and meetings of the membership.  Any member may add an item to the agenda
     by submitting the item in writing to the Chairperson at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the
     scheduled meeting.  Any member of the WCG may make a motion to add an item to the
     board, general, special, or emergency agendas at those respective meetings.  Adoption of the
     motion requires a majority vote by the Board members present.

d.  Proposals:  Any person or group, within or outside the WCG boundaries may propose in
     writing, items for consideration and/or recommendation to the Board.  The Board shall decide
     whether proposed items will appear on the Agenda of the General Membership, Board, Special
     or Emergency meeting.  The proponent and members directly affected by such proposals shall
     be notified in writing not less than seven days (excepting emergency meetings) prior to the
     meeting at which the proposal is to be received.  The proponent may attend this meeting to
     make a presentation and answer questions concerning the proposal.  The WCG shall submit
     recommendations and dissenting views as recorded at the meeting to the proponent and other
     interested parties upon request.

Section 2
Emergency Meetings: Emergency meetings may be held with less than seven days' notice but not less than 24 hour notice. WCG will attempt to notify known parties that have a direct interest in the topic of the meeting. Minutes of the emergency meeting shall state the nature of the emergency and why the meeting could not be delayed to allow a seven day notice. Members conducting business at the meeting may make decisions or deliberate decisions only on the agenda topic or topics for which the meeting was called.

Section 3
Participation:  Any Board, general, special, emergency, or committee meeting is open to any person.  

Section 4
TAKE OUT THE FOLLOWING Voting:  For liability reasons, only Board members may vote on decisions, except at the November annual meeting. (See membership actions below.)  Whenever possible, a straw poll shall be taken with the members during which initial discussion will occur and all input will be taken into consideration before the Board takes a final vote for the decision.
Replace with the following:

Voting: The General Membership is required to vote on the following at the November annual general meeting.

a.  election of Board members,

b.  election of Officers,

c.  approval of revisions of the bylaws, and

d.  any item referred by the Board to the General Membership.
For liability reasons, only Board members may vote on all other matters.
Whenever possible, a straw poll shall be taken with the members during which initial discussion will occur and all input will be taken into consideration before the Board takes a final vote for decision. Bylaw revisions and referendums require a simple majority (more than 50%.)

Board Quorum:  One-half the number of filled board positions shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  Unfilled WCG Board positions shall not be considered in the calculation of the quorum.  

Membership Quorum:  A quorum for the membership shall consist of the equivalent of one half the number of the filled board positions.

Membership Actions: Items requiring a vote of the General Membership are election of Board members, election of officers, and approval of revisions of the bylaws, and any item referred by the Board to the General Membership. Bylaw revisions and referendums require a simple majority (more than 50%).

Proxy Votes:  Proxy voting and voting by mail or by electronic mail are prohibited.

Section 5
Eligibility:  Only WCG members shall be qualified to hold an elected or appointed position.

Section 6
Elections:  The Board of Directors shall be elected for a period of two (2) years.  Even numbered Board positions shall be elected in even numbered years, odd numbered Board positions shall be elected in odd numbered years.  Elections will be held at the November general membership meeting.  All nominees should have reviewed these Bylaws and consented to serve if elected.  The Board of Directors shall fill any vacancy by appointment.

Section 7
Grievances:  Grievances are limited to procedural violations of WCG and/or Office of Neighborhood Involvement Standards that directly affect the outcome of a group's decision.  

Grievance Procedure:  Any person or persons who feel they have a grievance against WCG may submit a written complaint to any member of the Board of Directors within forty-five (45) business days of the alleged incident.  The grievance must be reviewed and responded to by the WCG within sixty (60) calendar days from receipt of the grievance.  Deliberations of the WCG Board may be held in executive session.  The findings of a grievance shall be a matter of public record.  The WCG response shall be in writing and include supporting findings of the decision.  Report of any grievance filed and findings reached will be made at the next general meeting of the WCG and recorded in the official minutes of that meeting.

Only if there is unsatisfactory resolution of a grievance with WCG, the grievant may appeal to the East Portland Neighborhood Office.  Such appeal must be made within fourteen (14) days from the date the decision is rendered by the WCG.

Section 8
Mediation:  Any conflict involving WCG wherein the affected parties are unable to agree upon an individual to facilitate a settlement, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement should be contacted for assistance through the Neighborhood Mediation Program.

Section 9
Declaring a Conflict of Interest:  Whenever a Board member determines s/he has a conflict of interest relating to an item under discussion, the Board member must inform the body hearing the discussion (membership or Board) that there is a conflict of interest. This must be recorded in the minutes.  Board members shall not vote on matters in which they have a conflict of interest.  

Section 10
How Decisions Are Made:  The WCG will use their Standard Operating Procedures for decision-making purposes.  For Voting and Quorum processes, see Article V, Section 4 of this document.

Article VI Roles and Responsibilities

Section 1
Duties of the Officers of WCG:  The responsibilities of the officers shall be as follows:

a.    Chairperson:  The Chairperson shall prepare agendas for, and preside over all meetings of the general membership and Board of Directors.  The chairperson shall prepare meeting notices for Board, general, and special meetings.  The Chairperson shall be the chief executive officer of the WCG and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees of WCG.

b.    TAKE OUT Vice Chair REPLACE WITH Co Chairpersons:  The Vice Chair  Co-Chairpersons shall assist the Chairperson with meeting notifications and other duties as required and shall function as Chairperson at meetings in the Chairperson’s absence or may on a rotation basis.

c.    Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, minutes and written records as designated in Article IV Section 1.  The Secretary shall file minutes at the designated city neighborhood office.  The records shall be available for inspection for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

d.    Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall be held accountable for all funds and shall give an accounting at each general meeting of the WCG; shall receive, safe keep, and disperse WCG funds, with all disbursements requiring the signature of the Treasurer and a member of the Board.  The Treasurer must have Board approval for all disbursements from the WCG bank account.  In the event of formal dissolution of the WCG, the Treasurer shall be responsible for drafting a resolution to donate any remaining assets to a recognized charitable organization.

Section 2
Duties of the Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of WCG.  The members of the Board shall attend regular meetings of the Board, general meetings, and special meetings unless they have notified the Chairperson in advance of their absence.  Board members shall be accountable to the general membership, and shall comply with these bylaws.  The Board may appoint a replacement Board member, in case of vacancy, to fill an unexpired term.  The Board, by majority vote, may consider vacant any Board position involving unexcused absences by a Board or committee member missing three consecutive meetings.